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The SD Early Childhood Enrichment (ECE) System offers support to child care providers and parents involving children who exhibit challenging behaviors or developmental concerns. Supports available include:

  • Developmental Milestones and Screenings
  • Onsite Observations
  • Identifying Community Resources

ECE will provide education, resources and technical assistance for the prevention of suspension and expulsion practices in early childhood programs.

The Temperament Program

The Temperament Program is a collaborative approach between parent(s), child care providers and the ECE educator to understand a child’s temperament. When a child’s temperament is understood, it is easier to meet the child’s needs in order to encourage the child’s development.

Program Provides:

  • Parent and Provider Support
  • Staff Education
  • Resources

Why should I learn about a child’s temperament?

There are nine unique temperament traits that contribute to one’s personality. These traits include: activity level, regularity, distractibility, adaptability, intensity, approach, persistence, sensitivity and mood. Learning about temperament helps us understand a child’s natural tendencies, which helps us to focus on strategies to help support their physical, social and emotional development. When you know your child’s temperament you can help your child develop:

  • Self-regulation skills
  • Self-confidence skills
  • Social skills

How can the Temperament Program benefit me?

The Temperament Program provides a means for parents and child care providers to understand a child’s unique temperament in order to:

  • Minimize stress inducing experiences in a child’s day
  • Reduce challenging behaviors
  • Respond to a child’s individual learning needs
  • Encourage a child’s social skills


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